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Jinx's Website

Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay :3

This site is for my infodumps here are some of my special interests!!!

  • Creature collectathon games
  • Puzzle games
  • Space
  • Jesters
  • Dinosaurs
  • I am planning on re-working this entire site! So I'm slowly gonna have the template text dissapear for now enjoy as it slowly changes! FYI I was not aware of a html live editor shoud've discovered it quicker smh

    So why Neocities?

    I mean I am using other alternatives as well, but I do find stuff like Neocities quite fascinating, overall just wanted to have a nice corner away from places like Twitter. Imo sidenote is it just me that stays like 50 ft away from stuff like Tiktok as soon as it released? I already had a feeling it would go downhill. It did live, kind of nuts to watch from afar.

    In the meantime you can explore some other Neocities sites!

    Have a good day!!!

    Sidenote: Decided to move to Nekoweb for now I OG did make it here, this isn't the end for me on Neocities however I just cannot upkeep both sites: My new site